coloured LED cooling fan DC 12V DC fan 12025 15light

coloured LED cooling fan DC 12V DC fan 12025 15light

  • Description
  • Feature
  • Specification
  • General  Specification
       CF-12025 15light LED
        Noise:17.5 dB(A)
        Fan Size:12 cm
        Lines:3 Lines
        Application:Computer Case
        Heatsink Material:15 LED Light Cooling Fan
        Very quiet 17.5 dB(A):17.5 dB(A)
        Dimesions: :120mm x 120mm x 25mm
        Bearing Type: :Sleeve Bearing
        Rated Volt: :DC 12V
        Connector: :4Pin
        Led Light: :15 pieces led light
        Air Flow: :55CFM
        Cable Lenght: :Approx 250mm




  • The fan glows a fantastic , which adds color and style to any PC system 
    PC Case fan 
    Very quiet 17.5 dB(A) 
    Crystal frame and blades. 
    Dimesions: 120mm x 120mm x 25mm 
    Bearing Type: Sleeve Bearing 
    Rated Volt: DC 12V 
    Connector: 4Pin 
    Led Light: 15 pieces  led light 
    Rated Current: 0.18Amp±10% 
    Rated Speed: 1300RPM±10% 
    Air Flow: 55CFM 
    Noise Level: 30dBA±10% 
    Cable Lenght: Approx 250mm 
    Weight: 100g/pcs

    color: white ,green ,blue ,red ,colored -LED

  • Environmental Specification
    Operating Temperature:Temperature:-10 ~ +70 degrees Celsius
    Store Temperature:Temperature:-40~+70 degrees Celsius
    Packing Vibration Test:1.1G load  vibration test for 30min,no serious damaged
    Packing Shock Proof Test:1coner,3edges, 6faces natural drop from 60cm high packing
    No serious damaged