Thermo heatsink compound Thermal Grease CN1kg

Thermo heatsink compound Thermal Grease CN1kg

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  • Many types of packings with different weight to fullfill your diversified requirments

    used for CPU cooler ,led light  and other electronics parts .
    White thermal grease, the thermal conductivity is 0.925-6w/m-k
    *The Dielectric constant is very high, can withstand voltages above 10 000 volts.
    *Low thermal impedance, it can endure paste state.
    *Wide Operation temperature range, can keep stable performance between -55~300°C.
    *High heat dissipation performance, have     Cost-effective.

  • Application
    Demand module with high thermal conductivity
    *Cooling device in the end plate or frameworks
    *High speed and large storage drive
    *Automotive Engine Control
    *Hard disk drive and DVD drive
    *Power conversion equipment
    *High-power LED
    *Notebook and desktop computers
    *Network communication equipment
    *Household appliances, electronic components, electrical