Thermo Thermal Grease thermal paste TU 1g

Thermo Thermal Grease thermal paste TU 1g

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  • Thermal grease used in CPU and radiator interstitial, high power transistor, SCR components.

     Graphite thermal grease use the hing conductivity of graphite to fit the gap between IC or 

    transistor and the heatsink, increase their contact area to achieve the best results.

    All of our products have passed the SGS test and in accordance with ROHS. 

    We can provide many kinds of package in order to facilitate our customers choose  to use. 

    It can be directly pasted or applied through screen printing. Here the recommended pasting thickness is 0.1mm to 0.15mm.
    Following items are recommended for screen printing:
    Apply 80-mesh nylon screen;
    Use hard rubber material with hardness of 70 to produce scraper;
    Keep 1mm to 2mm between screen and pasted surface;
    Keep an angle of 45° between scraper and pasted surface and keep uniform pressure and speed to control the scraper, thus ensuring uniform thickness of thermal grease.






  • Application
    Demand module with high thermal conductivity
    *Cooling device in the end plate or frameworks
    *High speed and large storage drive
    *Automotive Engine Control
    *Hard disk drive and DVD drive
    *Power conversion equipment
    *High-power LED
    *Notebook and desktop computers
    *Network communication equipment
    *Household appliances, electronic components, electrical