TM910 Thermal Glue thermal adhesive 3g 5g 10g

TM910 Thermal Glue thermal adhesive 3g 5g 10g

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  • TM910 Thermal Glue-Vucuum aluminium tube  3g 5g 10g  50ml 330ml  For LED Light/Electrics

    Product Application
    1Electronics parts,IC,CPU,MOS.
    2LED,M/B,PS,Heat sink,LCD-TV,NB,PC,and so on.

    3DDRII Module,DVD applications,and so on.


  • 1.Extreme Performance
    Ultra low thermal resistance and superior heat conductance maintain the highest performance level of heat transfer between the heat source and heatsink for maximized cooling performance.
    2.Convenient Application and Storage
    The syringe applicator provides convenience during storage and applicationon a variety of computer components such as the CPU, GPU, and Northbridge chipset.
    3.High Safety Standards
    The composition is dielectric (electrically nonconducting) to prevent electrical hazards and complies with the RoHS